Monday, May 25, 2009


Good job Jenson!!!! He is certainly flying. Who thought that he would ever race this year and there he is setting fastest lap times and lapping the last year's champion. Poor Hamilton. Actually I feel more sorry for Rubens. By the way happie birthday Rubens.
Rubens was always 2nd when he was in Ferrari, shadowed by the prescence of Schumacher. Now he is shadowed by Button. Hey Brawn! Give Rubens a winning car. He deserves it.
Rubens is a good racer and is a gentleman when he is in the cockpit. I love the way he drives.

Monaco 2009!!!!!!

Good to see the scarlet cars come 3rd and 4th. Considering their season start, that is a good performance. They can do better and considering a long way to go before the season ends, they can take the fight upto Brawn GP. Only Ferrari can do that is what I feel. Go Ferrari Go!!!!

Budget Cap

Hey you F1 administrators!!!!!!! Think before you put that stupid concept into practice. Imagine a grid without Ferrari, Renault, Williams and Mclaren. Thats insane. Many new teams might come but these manufacturers are the icons and they make F1 famous. Without them its bull shit. From when have you seen a rise in viewership for F1 in Spain? Only after Fernando won championship. There are many in India who watch F1 for Force India. Thanks to the liquid baron Vijay Mallya. But before that it was for Ferrari and Mercedes powered Mclaren. Those two brands are something more than brands in the sub-continent. We need them to keep F1 alive.

So, happy to see the Italian outfit back in fighting ways and I wanna see them win this year's constructor's title. Go guys go!!!!!!! Get the championship.